​God has done and continues to do amazing things through the ministry of TEAM in Taiwan. Working alongside other missionaries and Taiwanese nationals, our missionaries work in teams to make radically obedient disciples of Jesus Christ who in turn will reach out and make even more disciples. Here is some of what God has been doing.

Reaching the least of these

Oct 26, 2012

Hours before an arriving typhoon, Jeremy and his friend Zhou decided to visit and pray for patients in a local hospital. Given that it was "ghost month" on the lunar calendar, visiting the sick and dying was a particularly strange thing to be doing.

“She told me I’ll die!”

Oct 25, 2012

​Mei came to summer camp for the first time as a third grader with her older sister. Mei's parents are not Christians, which is not uncommon for the kids who come to a Trailblazer Camps summer program.

A Morrison Experience

Oct 25, 2012

As I watched my son, Mark, work his way through Morrison Academy's elementary and middle school, I wondered if Morrison had any disciplines that would catch my son’s interest. What were his passions and dreams?

LiHsin Church plant: reaching out to those in need.

Oct 24, 2012

From the beginning, the LiHsin Church planting initiative focused on people in the community with needs in a variety of life areas.

He Definitely Would Not Believe in Jesus

Oct 23, 2012

Learning English from these foreign missionaries was fine enough, but Nelson was sure of one thing: there was no way he was going to believe in Jesus!

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