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About TEAM Taiwan

TEAM missionaries began their work in Taiwan as "refugees", having been forced out of China in 1951. Over these years, Taiwan has rapidly changed from an agricultural society governed by martial law, into a fast-paced industrialized democracy. In the midst of this society where the people have seeming unlimited freedom, a large percentage remains captive by the traditional religion of their ancestors. Others who have rejected the traditional superstitious religious practices are now bound by the pursuit of comfort, safety, convenience, wealth and materialism.

While the church of Jesus Christ in Taiwan is alive and disciples continue to grow, true believers account for only 2.5% of the general population, a number that has not seen significant growth in many years. And as we further look at the population demographics, the working class population of Taiwan remains relatively un-reached. It is estimated that from 40% to 60% of the population falls into this category, and of those only about 0.5% are believers. This is the portion of the population on which we particularly want to focus our efforts as we launch several new ministry initiatives.

TEAM is also involved in Morrison Academy which provides high quality education and spiritual nurturing for our missionary kids as well as other expatriates. Other ministries include Trailblazer Camps, a youth and camping ministry that helps the Taiwan church evangelize and disciple young people in their faith, providing future leaders for the local church.

No matter where or with whom we work, our focus is on making disciples who will make disciples. Because of the breadth and depth of need here in Taiwan, opportunities abound. We are looking for many varieties of gifts, skills and experience -- the common factor is a passion for demonstrating and sharing Jesus' love. Come and join us in bringing the life, hope, and freedom in Jesus Christ to the people of Taiwan.

Vision Statement

Taiwan transformed by the powerful witness of a diverse church, unified in pursuit of God's kingdom, led by Biblically defined, radically obedient followers of Jesus Christ who have a passion to make disciples in all segments of their society and the world beyond.

Have questions?

TEAM missions coaches are available to answer your questions about becoming a missionary and help you find a place to serve.

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