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Reaching the least of these

Hours before an arriving typhoon, Jeremy Hsu and his friend Zhou decided to visit and pray for patients in a local hospital. We heard of the sharp decline of hospital patients in the “ghost month” (July in the lunar calendar), as superstition casts fear of misfortune and death in places like hospitals. Even in other months of the year, most people would shun the sick and the dying and think us strange to be seeking them out.

Zhou is a new Christian in his 40’s. He regrets that he did not hear of Jesus much earlier. He gave a public testimony the Sunday before and is eager to try serving others. So we captured this unlikely day to visit the sick. We read about loving the least of these (Matthew 25:31-46) and prayed for the Spirit’s leading.

Our second patient turned out to be a homeless man in his 60’s. He was diagnosed with late stage liver cancer, complicating his alcohol abuse. He did not lift his head at all until we sat down beside him. There were obvious signs of loneliness, self-pity, and despair. We chatted for a long time, pointing him to the resurrection hope in Jesus. We told him where to find churches that offer food for the homeless. He thanked us for our kindness to sit and listen. After we prayed, he asked if we could spare him some toothpaste. We were amazed at his need, even for things that we always take for granted. When we returned and handed him a small tube of toothpaste, he rose wobbly to his feet to shake our hands with a thankful smile.

So what will it take to see more Christians break through prejudice and pride to “descend” to love the poor? By God’s grace we want to model this obedience to Jesus’ words and life example. It is "counter-cultural discipleship." Will you pray for God to raise more teachable hearts like that of Zhou? Pray too for the endurance of the lonely few who are serving the least of these. And we do thank each of you for your part in praying and supporting us!

-Jeremy Hsu

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